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More Bang for Your Buck: The Ins and Outs of Great Group Sex Websites
by A. Newitz  

Imagine that you're a very horny fly on the wall in a hotel room full of women who've just spent the evening at a Mardi Gras party in the streets of New Orleans. They're drunk, happy, and full of insane sexual energy. Suddenly, that hot brunette decides the huge bed in the center of the room looks like a comfy spot, and drags three girls with her into a pile of pillows. They strip and give each other massages, then they start making out. Two more girls join them, pouncing on the brunette and spreading her legs. Suddenly there are a couple of cherry red vibrators circulating among the deliriously excited women. One woman is sucking the brunette's lovely nipples, another is nuzzling her neck, and two of them are trading off licking her clit, kissing each other, and making sure that vibrator is buried deep inside her quivering, overstimulated body. It's not long before the brunette is screaming and thrashing, and when she's come the cycle starts again. This time, the pixie-faced girl with hot pink hair is the center of attention, and somebody's got a strap-on she can't refuse. And you get to watch every pussy-juiced position, from every angle.

It's like some kind of sexual law of thermodynamics: the more bodies you have in motion, the hotter things get. When you want to pull out all the stops and make a porn site that is both hardcore and genuinely fun, there's nothing like group sex. Maybe you're after a highly-specialized niche membership who likes bisexual male threesomes. Or perhaps you want a huge orgy site with so many different kinds of action that it's bound to please everyone. Either way, you're looking to capture the market for what one Webmaster calls "moresomes," groups of three or more who are all involved in the same scene.

Group sex sites are always hits. Dugmor is Webmaster for web-project "JoinRightNow", an adult production company in Montreal with several successful Websites. He says JoinRightNow's group sex site is far and away the company's most popular. Global Intermedia, a Toronto-based company with a network of adult sites, touts its site "InsaneOrgy" as the jewel in its crown. Even a hint that group action might lurk inside a site's photo galleries makes it more enticing to potential subscribers, which is why so many hardcore sites make sure to include some variation on the phrase "hot cum-soaked five-way" in their ads.

Truly excellent group sex sites that make money month after month do a lot more than toss members a couple of double-penetration spreads. Customers who want group sex porn are a surprisingly diverse lot, and they have very specific needs. For them, an orgy is not a gang bang is not a threesome. Each type of group sex comes with its own conventions and fantasy scenarios. Webmasters need to be aware of the differences between various types of group sex in order to target their marketing and make free site tours as enticing as possible to potential members. Filming group sex scenes can also be a tremendous headache unless webmasters and photographers know how to direct - and coddle ? six models at once. But the extra effort you put into a group sex site will pay off. Once you figure out your niche, and how to create delicious content for it, you're bound to get a loyal audience that comes back for more and more and more.


Group sex is not just a standard fucking scene multiplied a few times. People are attracted to the idea of group sex because it satisfies urges that twosomes and solos just can't.

Andrew Kyle, whose Calgary-based threesome site "ThreePillows" gets 5,000 visitors a day, says members tell him they can't get enough of the site because it's the only place they find "images depicting male bisexuality." Nearly all the photo spreads on his site feature two men and one woman, which has proven to be quite a popular combination for bi men and couples. "Other sites say they're bi because they include straight and gay erotica," Kyle quips. "We wanted to provide content that demonstrates bisexuality, and it just so happens that in order to do that you need three models. What I discovered early on was that there is a market for pictures of two men and one woman where the action is swinging both ways." Web-project "ThreePillows" is a perfect example of the group sex site that offers something you'd never find on sites with solo or couple pictures. Kyle says "bisexual men go gaga" for his images because they're hungry to see purely bisexual situations where a man plays with another man and a woman at the same time.

Other threesome sites toy with the idea of sharing a partner with a stranger. Generally members are keen to add a slightly taboo ingredient to this situation. Dozens of threesome sites depict men inviting their wives or girlfriends to have interracial sex with another man, or enticing them into their first lesbian experience. The appeal of threesomes is a feeling that they're naughty and rule-breaking, but in a fairly contained way.

Orgies are anything but contained. They are uncontrolled, spontaneous outbreaks of wild sexuality with as many people as possible involved. Cloei, Webmaster of web-project "NakkidNerds", calls orgies "titillating and erotic" because "there's a feeling that it's not being staged. The people are getting turned on and they're paying so much attention to the other people in the room that they forget the camera is there." People who seek out orgy sites often have the classic, decadent "Roman orgy" in mind when they go surfing for their porn. They want to see something that's over-the-top and explosive: a chain of women eating each other's pussies, or a hot stud being served up to several hungry mistresses on a big platter. But it's important that an orgy not look like Andrew Blake's films, which are incredibly theatrical and posed. Orgies are messy, chaotic events that take on a life of their own. Many orgy porn enthusiasts want to feel the pictorials they're downloading could have been taken at their next door neighbor's party, or at the local hot tubs on a spectacularly sexy night.

Perhaps because orgy shots feel so unstaged, many people look at them and fantasize that they're a voyeur watching a real sex party through a peephole. "You feel like you're a peeping tom - you say, ‘Hee hee I'm watching them doing it'," giggles Cloei. "It's because people in an orgy aren't putting on a show for the camera. They're just doing it for each other, and you're hidden in the background watching." Although orgies can be extreme scenes, involving seemingly impossible combinations of positions and giant piles of sweaty, naked bodies, they need to feel realistic or they just won't work for most fans of the genre.

Realism be damned for gang bang lovers. Perhaps the most sought-after and intense form of group sex, gang bangs are like orgies without the touchy-feely stuff. A gang bang focuses on one person who is at the center of a giant sexual inferno. According to Michael Ihm, owner of adult content provider Clutch Content in Detroit, the classic gang bang features one girl and five or more guys. "Gang bangs are hardcore," he emphasizes. "One model is the prime focus of attention with all the guys going after her. There can be humiliation in a gang bang, which you don't find in orgies." Many gang bang sites on the Web are devoted to the infamous "Houston 500," an event where porn star Houston fucked a reported 620 men over the course of several hours. While Houston looks almost inhumanly perky and takes each cock with a smile, this kind of happy gang bang is more the exception than the rule. Most gang bang enthusiasts like the element of danger and domination that come with the image of a crazed gang of men all attacking the same woman. That's why Ihm's comment about humiliation may be the key to crafting the perfect gang bang scenario.

Gang bangs are sometimes rape fantasies which involve the erotic use of force and degredation. The question is what gang bangs offer porn consumers that they can't already get on dozens of BDSM and non-consensual sex Websites. The answer, oddly, is good sportsmanship. Whether you've got a queer scene or a hetero one, the key to a visceral gang bang experience is making your centerpiece model the object of competition. There's something intensely arousing about watching a bunch of men or women fighting to outperform each other with one spectacularly hot sex object. That element of sporting rivalry is what sets gang bangs apart from other kinds of sexual domination or rape photo shoots.

Parties or Poses?

One of the biggest debates among Webmasters who deal in group sex porn is whether to pose their models, or just to let them party down any which way they can. This an issue that practically never comes up when you're dealing with a solo or couple shoot, where directing your models is the name of the game. With group sex, the temptation is often to go to an extreme: either you arrange elaborate, house-of-cards poses or you have a big, messy pile of bodies covered in randomly-squirted jizz. What's a poor orgy hound to do?

New Jersey-based husband and wife team Logan and Vixen run TNA Studios, a popular amateur network devoted to Webcam girls and swingers. Logan and Vixen's web-project "LogansWorld" boasts hundreds of images from sex parties that the couple throws. When it comes to group sex photo shoots, Vixen is convinced that a free-form party atmosphere creates the best results. She and Logan invite several girls from the TNA network to their house, and just let them do what comes naturally. "We don't stage anything. If you let it happen, you get good pictures. As we're playing, Logan will snap pictures, or I'll snap them." She and Logan intervene in the action as little as possible. "If the position is taking too long, we'll say, ‘Switch positions,' so we can get a different angle," she concedes. But, "We never pose anyone, or say, ‘Stop here and put your tongue there.' If you're licking, you're licking and that's it."

To add spice to their party atmosphere, Logan and Vixen invite site members to come to the parties and watch. Fans become more ardent when they realize the action they've been seeing online is all real. Plus, every orgy benefits from an appreciative audience. Visitors are allowed to undress or jack off if they get excited, but Vixen says they never do. "I think they're too nervous," she laughs. "Especially if it's their first party." Before the filming begins, everyone signs a model release and Vixen gives a speech about orgy rules. "We let the girls play, but the guys have to behave themselves and can't touch the girls. They can shoot pictures if they get permission." While this scenario might sound like a recipe for disaster, Vixen says the parties always go off without a hitch. "We've never had a problem - all the guys behave. And the whole show is basically run by the women."

An unscripted group sex shoot is easier for photographers and models because direction is minimal. But, Vixen warns, sometimes a party shoot can run into problems if nobody steps up to the plate and starts scoring. "You have to have an instigator," she stresses. "Sometimes I just tell everybody to get on the bed, and that does it. Once you're on a bed, it's easy to get going."

Kyle's philosophy for "ThreePillows" is nearly the opposite of Vixen's. He never uses anything but highly-directed shots. "If members can get one good shot that's well-posed with the exact type of activity they're looking for, they'd rather have that than a whole gallery of people going at it with someone clicking every ten seconds," he says. After surveying the results of hundreds of member feedback forms, Kyle determined that there were certain shots that really worked for his subscribers. "Our members want to see one particular image. The classic shot is a guy and a girl performing oral sex on another guy. Any shot like that drives members nuts. Then there are a whole series of sexual positions that are unique to the male-male-female body combination, like a guy sandwich - a guy fucks a girl while he gets fucked by a guy."

To get the precise images he wants, Kyle goes to a content provider who arranges for models and does all the photography. Asserts Kyle, "I have quite a lot of control over photo shoots." Often, he will explain what he needs by sending sketches of specific positions. "It's really important to stage a photo so as to get as much action as possible," he says. "People don't pay to see a bunch of male-female penetration with some extra arms and legs in the background. They want threesome shots where you've worked everyone into the scene."

Content provider Ihm takes the middle road when it comes to group sex. He'll set up the scene with his models, guiding them before the photo shoot starts. "We'll work it through so each model knows where they're going, and we let them do it gradually so it's comofortable." Once the models are having sex, he tries to stay out of the way as much as possible. "We want them going at it and going at it straight through. Posing and stopping it creates a feeling of fakeness."

The Ups and Downs of Filming

Ihm has a few words of advice for Webmasters who want to film group sex scenes: "Avoid the eyes." He recalls a photo shoot when the production crew decided to drench a model with fake spooge to make it seem like dozens of guys had soaked her. Everything was going fine until it got into her eyes. "She was not happy, and you can have the same problem with real come shots," Ihm warns. No matter how often he asks his models to stay on target, Ihm says that it's almost unavoidable that you're going to have some problems when a group sex scene ends with a group geyser. If you must have a bukkake moment, remember that a girl with her eyes closed in ecstasy is not only beautiful to behold, but is also a happy model.

Another issue in a group sex scene is always going to be the hard-on conundrum. "With group sex, you always have guys' erections going up and down," says Ihm. Fluffers are crucial, especially when you're doing a gang bang shoot. "You're relying on four or five guys to stay hard throughout the shoot and you're going to try to do a come shot all at the same time." Ihm sighs, "It's seriously a pain in the ass."

To make things easier on everyone, Ihm recommends that Webmasters use two photographers on a group sex shoot. "You need different angles and scenes, and with two photographers you don't have to stop the action." When you do a gang bang where one person is the center of attention, it's also very important to make that model as comfortable as possible. Very few women will do gang bang scenes: the physical strain is rough, and it's even harder because she'll have no help from another girl. "With a gang bang, things go better for the girl if the shoot can go straight through," says Ihm. "She's going through a long day, so the quicker you can do the scene, the better for her."

If you're going to do an orgy scene at a party, you'll need to think like a pornographic Martha Stewart. Not only will you want to offer condoms, but you should have a good heater, too. Jukie does production and modeling for a grassroots porn collective in San Francisco. She says the first thing she learned about filming group sex at a party was that it's hard to do a double-anal penetration scene when everyone is freezing. "After our first shoot, we made a list of all the things we needed," she recalls. "A heater was high on the list. We also wanted to create a homey, nurturing atmosphere, so we decided to bring food and drinks for everybody." Another crucial part of the sex party atmosphere is music. "Always have music!" she exclaims. "Really, I can't emphasize that enough."

As a model in group sex scenes, Jukie says what was most important to her was feeling safe and in control. When her group filmed at a large San Francisco sex party, they created a safe space for filming in one room by literally sectioning it off with a few portable metal street barriers. "There were some people dancing in the room on one side, and we were filming on the other," says Jukie. "We put up the barriers to eliminate the gawker problem - onlookers could lean on the barriers to check out the action, but they wouldn't come too close. When people are on camera they want to be looked at, but they don't want people wandering up to them and interfering in the scene. Our models are okay with being exhibitionists, but they need the space to do it."

Jukie suggests making models feel safe by allowing them to pick the person who is filming, if possible. "I also recommend making eye contact with the camera. It's totally hot," she breathes. "Plus, you'll often get a little smile from the camera person." Ihm adds that models seem to feel sexier when the group they're working with isn't entirely familiar. "My opinion is that it's better to have girls and guys who haven't met because it seems to arouse them more. The shoot just comes out better." Jukie agrees: "I like to do it with someone I know, but strangers are great, too. The main thing is to have natural heat between the people. You can't put a bunch of cute dead fish in there."

Fantasies for Inspiration

Every group sex site needs a theme or fantasy to tie it all together and charm the pants off your subscribers. Sure you can throw an orgy site together and get some subscribers, but they'll need stories and scene-setting if you want to deliver a unique product that keeps people coming month after month.

Gang bangs are great, but viewers will be bored by a hotel room full of random guys and a girl getting it on. How did they all get there? What inspired an ordinary group of people to become a herd of horny animals? A common gang bang fantasy is that a sports team or an office project group has gotten together and found a sweet little outlet for their collective tensions. It's easy enough to invoke this kind of fantasy and pull your members into the scene. Throw some football jerseys on your models, or have a few establishing shots where the guys are all sitting in an office feeling frustrated. Then they spot a hapless babe, who falls into their clutches and is converted into their pliant toy. Although gang bangs may grow out of rape fantasies, it's important to remember that most gang bang fans aren't particularly interested in violence. The bangee should be overwhelmed but ultimately enjoy himself or herself.

A common orgy fantasy is, not surprisingly, a party that has gotten a little crazier than anyone imagined. Many people associate orgies with free love and youth rebellion, which is probably why so many orgy fantasies are set in college dorms or fraternities. Despite all evidence to the contrary, it would seem that people still think that only college co-eds go in for wild nights of collective sexual abandon. Cloei emphasizes that orgies contain elements of voyeuristic fantasy, so it might be a good idea to build that into your mise en scene as well. Many sites already advertise their wares as the products of "hidden cameras," so it's clear this idea appeals to many porn fans. Another appealing part of orgies is the lure of anonymous sex, so you might want to emphasize that your models are strangers to one another. The orgy could break out in a stalled elevator that just happens to be packed with hotties who are raring to go. Or perhaps it's at a costume party, where everyone is masked.

Unlike orgies and gangbangs, threesomes often revolve around fantasies of opening up a couple to a new source of sexual energy. A husband or wife shares the spouse with a new person, and gets off on watching. Or an unexpected dinner guest gets cheeky with his hostess, and her husband finds himself drawn into a new world of bisexual lust. As Kyle has demonstrated, the threesome is also an ideal way to explore all the kinks and joys of bisexuality. With a threesome, fantasies revolve as much around novel sexual positions as they do around particular storylines. Kyle posts a "position of the month" to deal with member requests for certain combinations they've always dreamed about.

Whether your site is full of gang bang cum sluts or classy alterna-babes staging orgies in their Bennington dorm rooms, remember that group sex always follows the "laws of complexity" theory. When you have a complex system - like three or more people fucking - your scenario develops "emergent properties," things that happen only when many forces are interacting with each other at once. The spontaneity of an orgy, the crazy positions of a threesome, and the sexual competitiveness of a gangbang are all emergent sexual properties. You can't create them without bringing a little complexity into your shoot.

Of course, pornographers have always known how to boil complexity theory down to just one short phrase: the more the merrier.